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About the Awards

The Central Coast Business Excellence Awards [CCBEA] are the most prestigious and recognisable business awards held on the Central Coast. They are inclusive of the two local government areas; Gosford City Council and Wyong Shire Council.

Conducted annually the Awards program celebrates business excellence and honours Central Coast industry leaders through the acknowledgement of innovative business processes, product development, enterprise, sustainability and overall business success.

Receiving a Central Coast Business Excellence Award is an independent and prestigious endorsement of the projects, initiatives, service, products and achievements of your organisation.

Our supporters believe it is important to promote and endorse business success across the Central Coast and New South Wales for our long term prosperity.

The CCBEA alliance with the Central Coast NSW Business Chamber is an important strategic step creating the pathway for Award winners in nominated categories to become automatic finalists in the the NSW Business Chamber State Awards. This pathway is supported by our local Chambers.

An innovative, strong and thriving business community drives a successful and prosperous Central Coast

About the Trophy

The design represents business excellence. Business growth tends to be fluid rather than take a straight path as it reaches towards excellence. The moving forms represent key elements and key people forging and growing together within a business. Together they form the unique DNA of that business; DNA also being graphically illustrated here. The colours of gold and platinum depict strength. These metals go through a purification process using heat to mould and shape them – reflecting the trials and challenges of business. The light at the centre represents insight and vision.

How to Enter

The Central Coast Business Excellence Awards is free to enter and open to organisations of all sizes and from any industry sector.

  1. The Awards programme serves three purposes for the Central Coast community:
    1. It provides examples for the business community to aspire to
    2. It celebrates and endorses individual and organisational success
    3. It provides case studies and content for learning from these exceptional organisations
  2. Awards

The Young Business Executive award recognises an inspirational young professional aged between 18-35 years who has built a successful career within an organisation. To enter into this award, the individual must have been employed by their current employer for a minimum of 12 months.

The Young Entrepreneur award recognises an inspirational young person aged between 18-35 years who, through his or her own commitment and passion, has built and operates a successful business. This award recognises young business leaders who demonstrate outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, strategic direction and innovative ideas whilst providing inspiration to a new generation of upcoming young business people.

The Business Leader award recognises the positive contribution made to business by business people and professionals. The award recognises those who demonstrate outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, strategic business direction and innovative ideas, whilst providing inspiration to a new generation of upcoming business leaders. Individuals entering into this category can be self employed or employed by a business.

The Excellence in Small Business award recognises a business, employing less than 20 people* that has attained significant growth and is able to demonstrate the specific strategies and processes implemented to achieve sustainable growth in the previous 24 months. *This includes all employees on payroll in Australia such as contractors, casuals and labour hire staff.

The Excellence in Business award recognises a business employing more than 20 people* that has attained significant growth and is able to demonstrate the specific strategies and processes implemented to achieve sustainable growth over the previous 24 months. *This includes all employees on payroll in Australia such as contractors, casuals and labour hire staff.

The Excellence in Social Enterprise award is open to businesses that have been established to further a social purpose in a financially sustainable way. These businesses are revenue generating and can be “not for profit” and “for profit”.

The Start Up Superstar award recognises a business that has been operating for less than 2 years that delivers a product/service/idea/invention with credible potential. This award recognises early-stage start-ups that have a solid chance of market success, and strongly displays the entrepreneurial spirit.

The Excellence in Innovation award recognises businesses that have made significant contributions to their industry through the introduction or improvement of an idea, method, technology, process or application.

The Excellence in Sustainability award recognises businesses that are working to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment and/or provide products and services that have positive environmental outcomes. *Where sustainability is your core business, you must enter this category based on sustainable initiatives and projects within your business, not related to your core offering.

The Employer of Choice award recognises organisations that put in place strategies and initiatives to create stimulating and supportive workplace environments for their employees. These strategies or initiatives must have a positive impact on both employees and the organisation as a whole.

The Local Chamber of Commerce award recognises the achievements of a Local Chamber in supporting their members to maximise their business potential. To enter into this award Category, Local Chambers must be part of the NSW Business Chamber Local Chamber Alliance program.

This award recognises the manufacturing business that has most effectively capitalised on market opportunities and driven demonstrable business growth.

It includes all types of manufacturing businesses that make and sell products, either wholesale or retail.

It is open to all businesses that have been trading for at least two full financial years, and is based on activities in the 2015-17 financial years. To be eligible for this award, at least 50 per cent of the manufacturing of the product must take place within Australia.

This Award is selected by an independent panel.

This Award is selected by an independent panel.

All finalists automatically quality and therefore eligible to be named Business of the Year.

Terms & Conditions

Award Organisers have a Media Exclusivity Agreement with;

  • Central Coast Business Access
  • Radio 2GO
  • Radio SEA FM
  • NBN Central Coast Television

All Entries in the CCBEA are subject to this Media Exclusivity Agreement.

The Exclusivity Period is for ten [10] days commencing from the date of the Awards Presentation.

The Agreement allows for general reporting by other media agencies but does not include interviews with winners without the express permission from the Organisers.

Category winners are eligible to apply in the same category for consecutive years, and can be awarded the winner of the category each year. Should the entrant win this category at the next level in the awards program (NSW Business Chamber State Annual Awards) in either year, the entrant can not apply in this category the following year.

Contact details of our Media Award Partners is available by contacting the Organisers via kerry@ccbea.com.au or Kerry Ruffels 0410 494999

For a full list of terms and conditions please refer to the NSW Business Chamber Annual Awards website

About the Judges

Dr. Lisa Barnes

A co-ordinator at the UoN Central Coast Business School, Dr Barnes is also External Engagement Officer, Co-Director Recruitment [Central Coast], a Lecturer in Accounting at the Newcastle Business School and Faculty of Business and Law.

A Summary of Dr Barnes key achievements include:

  • Appointed “Co-ordinator” Central Coast Business School 2015
  • Winner CPA Australia sponsored, B-Hert 2013 “Excellence in Accounting teaching collaboration” (Business Higher Education Round Table).
  • “Expert Judge” for Business Achievement Award 2013, NSW/ACT Regional Achievement & Community Awards.
  • Facilitator “Collaborative Research Forum” June 2013 with Central Coast NSW Business Chamber.
  • Facilitator of “Not-For-Profit Collaborative Workshop” November 2013
  • Winner “Central Coast Woman of the Year” 2012 (BWC).
  • Winner “Women in Education and Training” award 2012 (BWC).
  • Community involvement with disability, youth, sport and music sectors.
  • Co-Author of “CCH Australia Master Accountants Guide” 2009.

Board Memberships

  • Parkside Ltd: Treasurer – Not-For-Profit Multi-service facility specialising in Youth Services, Treasurer, since 2007 – on going (Voluntary).
  • Coastlink Ltd: Chairperson – Not-For-Profit provider of Disability Respite Services, Director since 2010 – on going (Voluntary).
  • NSW Government Small Business Development Council – Board member advising NSW Small Business Minister 2007 – 2010.

Margaret Haseltine

Margaret Haseltine brings more than 30 years business experience in a broad range of senior positions and 10 years Board Directorship. A proven executive leader, Margaret has delivered significant achievements in the areas of change management, governance, organisational culture and profitability.

Margaret was CEO of Mars Food Australia for 5 years from 2004 after holding a number of key Executive and Senior management roles. During her time as CEO Margaret’s responsibilities included full P & L management and leadership for a $380M food manufacturing business employing more than 580 people. She was also responsible for running the Mars Inc. supply chain for Australasia with a $1bn portfolio.

Since leaving Mars 5 years ago, Margaret has embarked on a professional career as a Non-Executive director, and has worked with over 10 boards in various roles and sub-committees.

Margaret maintains strong Industry links with professional bodies such as the Australia food and Grocery council, and more recently being appointed to the National Food Precinct. She has a passion for great corporate governance, and 4 of her board appointments are ministerial appointments being the central Coast Water Corporation, the National Skills and standards committee, the Ourimbah campuses Advisory Board NSW Crown lands trust and more recently the Food precinct. Margaret is a member of Women on Boards, chief executive women and mentors and advises in many of the Board ready programs. Margaret has completed the AICD company director’s course, mastering the board room and is a past mentee on the AICD chairman’s mentoring program in 2011.

Annabel Leete

Annabel Leete has 20 years’ of experience in the world of Human Resources and business management. Along with Annabel’s various senior strategic HR roles across Asia Pacific, she has worked for a number a large international organisations across multiple industries ranging from Hospitality to FMCG to Technology, where she has been a member of senior leadership teams.
Annabel’s strength, skills and capabilities is growing the HR function within a business to be seen as a truly valued added service to the business. From identifying internal and external talent, right through to building capability and engagement. Annabel’s great achievements is seeing people grow not only into more senior or skilled positions but also into themselves. Although skilled in all functions of Human Resources, Annabel’s passion is engagement and leadership.

Whilst Annabel’s recent role has taken her back into Asia Pacific, she still remains very passionate about the Central Coast and the community and has remained on Central HR Hub Committee as well as continuing her role as a Council Member representing businesses on the Australian Business Industry Council.

The Judging Panel has been chosen for their knowledge and experience across the business spectrum. All are independent of the organisers and sponsors.

The judges’ decisions will be independently arrived at and final. No correspondence will be entered into concerning the judges’ decisions.

Please note: all judges will sign non-disclosure agreements before being given access to any entry. This is in keeping with the organisers’ clear intent to maintain high levels of confidentiality. If, for instance, an entrant wishes to embargo certain information because of its commercial sensitivity, then provided the material is clearly marked as confidential, any material subject to an embargo will not be published.